This case study delves into the intricacies of Netflix’s recommendation algorithm, a key component of the company’s customer engagement and retention strategy. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Netflix has created a highly personalized user experience. However, the company faces several challenges including understanding diverse user preferences, catering to a global audience, and balancing the promotion of new and existing content. Through a critical examination of these issues, this case study provides insights into the use of advanced AI technologies in enhancing customer experience, the importance of personalization in the entertainment industry, and the strategic balance of user preferences and business objectives.


  1. Comprehend the Role of AI in Personalization: Students should understand the application of artificial intelligence in personalizing user experiences, particularly in the context of digital streaming platforms.
  2. Analyse the Challenges of a Global User Base: Students should develop the ability to analyse the challenges of catering to a diverse, global audience and devise strategies to address these challenges.
  3. Apply Strategic Decision-Making: Students should be able to make strategic decisions regarding the balance between promoting new content and catering to existing user preferences, integrating considerations of both business objectives and customer satisfaction.

Total pages: 7

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