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Explore an extensive repository of case studies and research publications offering in-depth knowledge and insights across diverse domains


Our platform brings together case studies and research from a multitude of fields and sources. Discover different perspectives, challenge your thinking, and gain a comprehensive view of your area of interest

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Have a case study or research publication? Share your work with a like-minded community. Contribute to the growing pool of knowledge and make your mark in your field. Submit your cases or r to us for distribution to a global audience.

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The Case HQ is a trusted platform dedicated to fostering the growth and recognition of the case method in a global context. We share insights, nurture wisdom, and provide experiences that inspire and revolutionize case-based education across various domains.

Our commitment lies in uplifting the case community.  We appreciate the indelible impact case educators make on their learners. Their students, navigating through real-world scenarios, absorb not just theories but also cultivate essential skills such as critical thinking, negotiation, defending perspectives, teamwork, and decision-making.

At The Case HQ, we strive to address this gap. We’ve crafted a series of initiatives aimed at acknowledging the outstanding contributions of the case community. Because we believe in the value of your work, and it’s high time it received the applause it deserves.

Embark on your journey with us, knowing you’re backed by a platform that supports, guides, and recognizes your invaluable contribution to the world of case studies and research. Welcome to The Case HQ – where your work doesn’t just matter, it shines.

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